Our Process

Learn more about how we get started. Onboarding is quick on purpose.
We enjoy solving problems and want to get to the fun part ASAP.

Step 1.
Take a seat. Welcome to therapy.

We can't help unless we know what's going on under the hood, so we start with a 2 hour session we lovingly call Business Therapy.

In this session, we get into the nitty gritty of where you've come from and where you're wanting to go so we can create a hypothesis for how to get there- it's a science!

Step 2.
We'll set priorities. Together.

In our next meeting, we'll have translated the Business Therapy session into a list of action items.

We're going to ruthlessly prioritize this together and backlog the items that aren't #1 today.

This doesn't mean we won't get to them ever, it means they aren't the biggest thing in the way between you and your goals.

Step 3.
We get busy.

We're going to take that prioritized list and turn it into a plan, and then we begin executing.

Each client's plan is going to be different and unique to their circumstance. Plans can also change when opportunities pop up- and that's okay!

We're agile like that. It's in the way we scope.

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