Spending money on marketing without a plan is an excellent way to burn your hard-earned cash.

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When you've got a company to run, products to manage, team members to engage with and sales to close- marketing can often be an afterthought.

It's something business leaders know they should be doing, but when and how?

Norden is a holistic outsourced marketing solution for business owners who want marketing that works without hiring and maintaining an internal team.

The In-house Problem

CMOs create and manage marketing strategy so that the rest of the team can focus on their areas of expertise, but full-time marketing teams cost a pretty penny.

The average salary for a CMO in 2023 surpasses $200k plus taxes, benefits, and bonuses.

And that doesn't even begin to account for the cost of a full-scale marketing team (SEO, PPC, Brand, Email, etc.)

The Agency Problem

And while marketing agencies can be a great way to get specific objectives accomplished...

They still require a dedicated stakeholder to decide their priorities and hold them accountable.

This can take the C-Suite's focus away from the tasks they were hired to do, and leave them juggling priorities.

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There's a better way to market your SMB.

Norden combines the strategic direction of a CMO with the capabilities of a marketing agency.

Fractional CMO

Our fractional CMOs will work alongside your C-Suite to set and achieve goals that align with the company's objectives. We believe that marketing is a science, and we begin every initiative with a hypothesis that can be tested against.

After the initial discovery session, your time commitment is only one hour/ week. We'll handle everything else in the background and send interim updates via email.


We work alongside experienced specialists and handle campaign execution from end to end. Working with internal and external partners allows us to have the flexibility to stay agile and change course when your priorities change.

Your cost stays the same from month to month while we maximize the resources available to drive impact.

All the pieces of your marketing engine.
One point of contact.

Fractional CMO

Executive-level leadership to align with your company's objectives.

Paid Media Management

Experienced management of digital ads designed to maximize your investment.


Optimization that boosts your site on Google's rankings.

Content Creation

Content creation designed to capture and convert.


Email campaign management that keeps prospects engaged.

Graphic Design

Design that puts your team's best foot forward.

Sales Enablement

Messaging and decks that equip your sales teams to succeed.

Website Design and Development

Website copy, design, and development that converts.

Past Clients
Client Testimonial
"I worked with Norden for almost a year. They acted as my fractional CMO at Saaslio leading up to our acquisition by Auvik. Their contributions to our company were plentiful and were of incredible value. Projects ranged from a brand redesign project, conference strategy, GTM messaging, content creation for success managers, and much more.

Everything they worked on, they knocked out of the park, and most importantly, on time. Given the opportunity to work with Norden to launch your technology business footprint, I would absolutely take it. You will not be disappointed."
John Harden, Co-founder, Saaslio
The Results

Brand, product, and sales enablement contributed to 150% YOY growth, and led to a successful acquisition.

Saaslio design example

Our Packages

We're agile. We can help on a project-level, act as your marketing advisor, or offload your entire marketing stack.
Below, you can find a sampling of our retainer packages.

Contact Us For Pricing

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